Go to the house of mourning
For there you will find the heart of the wise.
Some of the most sobering lessons of life cannot be downloaded on the mountain top.
There are a lot of acquaintances and too much noise at the mountain top.
This may at times hinder our ability to perceive.
Until the rug under our feet is suddenly taken away and we are changed forever.
The mountain top is not the place of learning.
The best learning takes place when we are found at the bottom of the pit.
In our darkest times when all we have are the clothes on our back.
Those are life’s sobering moments. They are those black keys on a piano.
Wisdom is found in those quiet times.
For sorrow has a way of sobering the mind and making the heart glad.
Though our countenance may reflect otherwise.
In the darkness of the cave when fear and torment are the order of the day.
When disappointment is served cold.
When bread of sorrow and the water of affliction are served daily.
That is the best place to learn and to do so hastily.

Make peace with your present circumstance and endure with hope.
For He who promised is faithful.
He will never leave you nor forsake you.
When your right foot slips, He will uphold you by His right hand.
The dawning of day will come.
The ending of a matter is better than its beginning.
You will finish strong.
Be sure to have gotten the lesson when that happens.