Once apon a time was a really long time ago. Once apon a time there was you and I, now it’s just me, where are you. Once apon a time there was a happy couple, now we just strangers, only difference is one of us is still reliving our life together while you already moved on.


You called me the toxic one, and for a moment i believed you. But look now, which one of us is still holding onto our past.


We sleep we get up, and it’s a cycle. In-between that cycle i found time to slot you in, but you could never. Instead you tried to change me, change who i am and change what i am.


You didn’t like my hair i changed it, you didn’t like my eyes, I was looking into changing, you didn’t like the way i walked, talked, i would bend to your will.


Now that you gone, i continue, continue with the things that you forced me to bend for you. I do so because there is a piece that is still waiting for you to come home and knock on my door.


When you do so I’ll open up with wide arms waiting for you, but i guess that day will never come. I’ll still be sitting on my custom chair watching the door. Waiting for u to knock, and if that never comes, I’ll die in that chair, still staring at that door waiting.


I promised you forever, and i never break my promises so I’ll forever sit and wait, until u ready. I love you from a distance till you are ready to come back home.