Love never change
It’s change by people
People by mistake
Mistakes by jealous
Jealous doesn’t make true love
Don’t wait for true love
True love doesn’t come to you
You create it with the person you see you can spent the rest of your life

True love it’s a words
That show that you find someone
That you can spent your life with
You can explain love in a different way
But what you need to know is that
Love is love

Love is like a building
You need to commit not to sacrifice
You need to real not to be weak
You need to love not tears
Rather have tears of joy then a tears
Of the broken heart

You’ve grow up
You know what you want
In order to find love
You need to start by loving yourself
And remember don’t become slave in a relationship
Relationship is about being happy

Spent time together
Commit to each other
Love one another
Take pictures together
And etc ….
Don’t be a desperate one
Because those who are desperate
They become slaves in there own Relationship

In Zulu we say
” Musukuzehlisa isithunzi ”
Remember you are special
You can do something better
Don’t say you don’t have a future
Because we are living in future
Don’t be weak time is going forward
In life you don’t have to say
You have run out of time
No you still have time
Because you still breath