What is love?

Love is an emotion

An emotion of filled joy

Love is patience 

It is understanding

Love is constant

Again and again it tries 

To get recognition

Love is pain

It is the weeping and the bleeding of the heart

Love is fire

It breathes mountains of hot lava

Love is blind

The eyes roam around in confusion

But the heart knows and leads the way

Love is uncontrollable

It pesters and pesters

Until recognized 

Love does not let go

It holds tight

Tight in struggles and tough times

Love is jealous

It seeks attention all to itself

And looks over hatred with pure intentions of destruction

Love is calm

Like the cool air in the middle of winter

Like the warm air blowing in the tropical forests in summer

Love is beautiful

Like the sunset at the end of the great Muhari lake

Like the moon and the stars up there exactly at nine o’clock

From all four parts of the world

Love is light

It shines right through every darkness

And overcomes fear

Love is sweet

Like the chocolate candy from Andy’s

Love is courage

When one feels it

Mountains can be moved

To get to the one love wants

Love is an emotion

That fills the heart 

With all sorts of feelings

Love is good

Love is raw, pure and rare

It is natural

It feeds the soul

A full soul 

Is a happy fool

Love is crazy

Fights the mind over small nothings

Love is smart

It knows 

Amongst millions it knows

Love is funny

Accompanied by smiles and laughter

Happiness and joy reign

Loves rules

And the heart follows with complete submissiveness

Love is bold

Love is a need

Love is necessary

Love is precious over every dime and gold

Loves is punctual 

It is never late nor early

It is always on time

It knows 

And it is never mistaken