Bearing a heart with agony that yearns,
My attention that reflects you in my eye,
With the four letter word that within me burns,
But the commotion it causes echoes only a sigh.
Origin flowing with a heavy current within my vain,
Expelling the loathe within me down the drain.

Recalling the period when I gave no interest.
Recalling the point when you held my hands,
Passion of my heart locked in a treasure chest,
Broadcasting the tune of an amorous band.
The stare you implanted in my eyes with affection,
I would smile with the adoration in return.
With your brawny structure shadowing my attention,
The adrenaline of life that I wish to earn.

How I would long for your hold.
How I would long for your kiss.
Only courage I would buy if sold.
Opportunity to applause my intention I won’t miss.
You’re my thoughts when the sun rise.
You’re my thoughts when the stars glitter.
Reminiscing the guiding words of the wise,
With fear in mind that it may end up bitter.