Little lolly dolly,
Bouncing and full of life,
You look so tiny in there,
so happy in your world,I could see your smile getting stronger everyday,
You hiccup and made me jump,
My day isn’t complete without your small feet taping me,
After every meal you get very excited showing your little appreciation

I couldn’t seat still after hearing your healthy heart beat,
You fell in love with every touch I gave,
I, alone could understand the feeling,
And I,alone could take good care of you,
You were no longer in your world alone,
Sometimes you get so quiet but most times you were very excited

You made me sick as you grow, but I loved every moment we spent together, getting to know each other

Days went by and your world was no longer comfortable,
You couldn’t stretch wide enough,
You couldn’t spin around so easy,
Your world was too small for you and you were too big for it.
You couldn’t wait for your second world,
You couldn’t wait to touch me again

Little head and tiny hands,you were out!
Tiny toes and a loud cry, asking for mommy!
I couldn’t stop thanking heavens,
I couldn’t believe it,
Your tiny red lips sucking on my thumb,
I couldn’t stop kissing your forehead,
You took my breath away and made me fall inlove once again,
My little lolly dolly!