Living a lie is a way of hiding from reality and living in a fantasy world. When you live a lie, you refuse to see the truth and choose to believe in a false reality that is more convenient for you. You may do this because it is easier than facing facts, or you do not want to face the emotional repercussions of accepting harsh reality. Living a lie is a very dormant curse because, most times, you don’t even notice the impact until it’s too late.

Self-deception contributes on living a lie by lying to yourself , which occurs when you have an ulterior motive to deceive yourself about truth for you to feel better. Lying is a choice because you made the decision voluntarily. Succumbing your own desire to please people and not being true to yourself. This is vandalizing your mental and emotional health as they lead to feeling guilty, shameful, angry and depressed.

You often try to deceive other people about yourself out of fear of not being accepted for who you are, feeling like a failure and not worthy. Attributes which contributes to self deception are sadness, fear, distractions, identity loss and self loathing etc. Signs of living a lie are feeling like you can’t be yourself around people, feeling ashamed, guilty or angry of who you are and feeling like you are not in control of your own life. 

In order to defeat the concept of living a lie, you should be brutally honest with yourself and practice self awareness. There should be no more lies, no more feeling ashamed about your identity and feelings. Avoid denying your intuition as it is your guard feeling which is there to serve as guidance and protection. Always trust, embrace and accept yourself. Don’t allow anyone to project their anxieties and insecurities unto you. Don’t make sense out of something which will not positively benefit you and bring out the best version of you. Do your own things. Always tell the truth as it shall set you free.

Living a lie is not ideal. Live your best life. Be yourself as you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Be yourself, the world will adjust. Stay in your lane. Run your own race at own your pace.