Once they love you in the dark and never in the light.

They don’t love you.

When they come around only to benefit.

They don’t deserve you.

When they choose someone else over you.

They no longer need you.

If you have to ask for their attention.

They see no more value in you.

Remember this once they change the way they treat you that means they no longer need you in their lives and don’t force yourself to them leave.

Its very crucial to know your worth and never devalue yourself.

Most of us get used by people we trust because we become useful to them

At times you must learn to be useless for the sake of inner peace.

It’s better when someone hurts you with the truth than someone that will comfort you with lies.

Never fear to lose someone that doesn’t fear to lose you.

Be afraid of loosing yourself in the process of trying to please others and seeking for validation, their opinions and judgments.