Youth and fellow girls be judging others for having blessers

Have we ever put ourselves in their situation?

Have we ever put ourselves in their shoe’s?

Life is painful

Ever imagine what they are going thru?

Ever wondered what is going on to their minds?

Have we ever bother trying to know why they do so?

Life is painful

Yes I know and understand that some are after nice and soft life

But have you notice that some are doing all that for the basics

Ever wondered how painful it is to go to bed with an empty stomach?

Life is a lesson

I am not saying what they are doing is good or correct but hear me out

Ever realise that those who have it all who get the support from home

Who are financially stable who get love from their parents hardly use that opportunity

Life is a lesson

But those who have no one on their side are the ones who most want to be educated

Those who are not financially stable are the ones who are most dedicated

Don’t hate me black child but hear me out

Life is painful

Those girls saw that their bodies are the option to the better future

And that is so painful they decided that it will be better that way because

No body really cares no one they can turn or seek help to

Life is painful

It is not like they did not try they tried seek help they did pleed

In this helpless world and that leaves them no choice but to do what they are doing

Just for the basics and because they feel and think it is okey

Life is a lesson

Are we really expecting the world to change? while we are ourselves

Fellow sisters not helping each other to see the light

While we are mocking others bulling and laughing at them

Life is a lesson

Fellow sisters what happened to these words”fix her crown”?

We are the sad generation the generation that can’t even help others

People think because they have it all they are better than others

Life is painful

Hear me out I am not saying destroying other families is good

But I am saying if we want to stop all that we can

Helping others will not kill but boost your confidence

Life is painful

Why are we judging girls only? And give these old man a blind eye?

What they are doing is correct? Taking advantage of those poor girls?

No I am asking I beg you not to hate me but to hear me out

Life is a lesson

Dear fellow sisters, mothers and friends

This is our time to change things and be in control

Than hating them and judging them let us hear them speak let us help them

Let us be their heroes our heroes this is our world and time

Ever wondered why are we facing this much GBV?

It is because we gave man power over us they are in control

We gave them power to do anything with our bodies

Let us stand together and say enough is enough