Dear my child

If you want to love somebody
Would you please ask your heart
Don’t love somebody because of your ego
Never be in love with somebody to fulfil your friends will

My child love is when people in love are together
Not when your together with your type
I will be gone ,maybe I will not be there
But remember your only one who can make yourself happy
Don’t force someone to be in love with you
And never you should love because you pity them

My child I might be old ,but I have experience
As your proposing make sure you have to differentiate between rust and love
Make sure you know bond of liking and loving somebody

Double your thoughts
Stick to your goal
Live the life you can manage don’t change
Your lover will love you personally

Don’t sacrifice too much for love you will regret
If you Adjust your self to every situation
And control your anger
Love won’t hurt you much

Be well my child