One day going to a village,
I got a light from my mind ,saying go back home
Barging like that, I went.
Under the carpet
Found some parcel
Wonder what is it
Should I open it or what?
I just switched the mind lights off and opened.
It’s a letter!
There is a name on it.
I read it but surprised me.
It was written in bold letters “GOD”
He has sent me a letter!
I read it , it said
“Dear baby girl, it’s been a while since I’ve washed with a pine-gel.
I want you to getvit for me under the sofa”

I decided to do so.
Under the sofa, found another letter again.
It said “Dig under the ground ”
I hired a digger and dug for me.
He dug until the house collapsed.
We went about 100 000 meters down and I found another letter.
It said “I’m not God , I’m your great grand great grandmother and I’m gone with my house.
Thanks for paying me back my bricks.
There is money to pay the digger in your bag , tell the digger to escort you”
I gave the digger the letter and he did not waste time and took my bag and took the money from it.
When he got out he said “I’m just following instructions ”