This is our generation
Our tradition
Not its mission
But we are suffering for its action.

Let’s fight covid 19

We must rise up
Coz it is taking all the power
We must fight for what is our
Coz this time it is ours
We don’t care if it take hundred hours
To kill corona
We must shout louder

It came from the bottom
It wants to take control
If we let it take control
We will face the most biggest problem

It’s now or never
We must be together
Now and forever

We must stand our ground
We must not look down
If if things are upside down
We must be found
Coz this world is ours
They is no turning around

It is make pain
We must shut down its name

Let be United
For now and forever
This is a life’s pressure

We can and we will defeat corona

2021 and 2020 must no be years of passing whims
It must be years of successful dreams