Death hugged me so tight I swear I literally felt my bones breaking.
With it’s long, freezing cold skeleton arms.
It wrapped itself around my body all night long.
It kept giggling, whispering that it has come to rescue me from the cruelty of mankind.
I jumped and sat in the corner of my room, with my hands on my ears trying to stop hearing those giggles and whispers.
I felt my soul slowly leaving my body.
Last night death came through my door.

It smelt me like I was a rotten animal and I swear it seemed to love my scent.
I melted as it ripped my ribcage wide open, tearing my skin like a wolf tearing up it’s prey.
Ripped off my heart as I watched my blood dripping down it’s boned-arms, I tried to scream but my voice failed me.
I shed some tears, frightened, my lips so dry I felt them cracking with the tears freezing on my cheeks.
For a moment I was numb, the only thing I remember is the salty taste of my mucus as it oozed and went straight into my opened mouth.
My family was there, sleeping so peacefully they didn’t even hear the loud knocks of death.
I said a silent prayer but I got choked by how it gazed at me, with it’s mouth wide open laughing hysterically before I could even say an amen.
Last night death came through my door.

I never even knew I had a birthmark but it showed me and the date of my death was there too.
It was time to go home.
I surrendered and gave in to all the scary things it whispered to me.
I saw a rope hung over my head, the pills on the table next to my bed, I remembered the code of a safe where dad keeps his gun.
I had to choose.
It stared straight into my eyes I could feel it pulling me, my soul inside it like a magnet.
It sang me a lullaby until I fell asleep.
But I never woke up.
I slept and never woke up.
Last night death came through my door.