There we go , hunting for failure as to make unnecessary these our goals
We all know no one knows who really knows
Even the ones who save us somehow aren’t heroes
Forgive these views babied by a life driven to conform
Win or lose , my life’s climax I want to be the day or night oxygen disregards my nose
Life is in exploring it not chasing guttering gazebos
A lifestyle is more than anybody knows ,
You cannot change it without completely redirecting all five aspects of your life’s course
Yes we feel brainwashed but haven’t we still our breathing paws
We live and learn – but not subjects of freeing ourselves within these laws
I study keys till my knees go numb in preparation for life’s doors
There’s no bite too much for me to chew if not then teach me of elastic jaws
They say life goes on yet still question “let the be light ”
We may be close but think about us being tight