She’s a mixture of strength and softness.
A merger of beauty and smarts.
A blend of focus and whimsical dreaminess.
She is as sharp as a parliament of owls and intense as a murder of crows.
She is the rosebush that sprout from isithole soMpangela, watered and nurtured by the grace, wisdom, and humility yoKrila.
She is the love child of her mother’s passion and the alignment of uMdali’s foresight.
Her’s was the birth of a Queen…
A gift that keeps on giving…
A vessel that bore from it’s branches a beautiful bouquet of laughter, joy and a smile unmatched, not even by the prettiest sunset or the twinkling lights of the night sky.
She is half of a beautiful pair, yet one of a kind…
Si sipho endisiPhiwe luthando.