My once beautiful face
Now looks like a dead candle
As I lay in bed naked and curled
Because all my innocence and fragile virginity
Has burned down into a pile of mess
Only for a few pieces of silver
I’m earning for the heartless pimp enslaving her
Together with many other unripen, pristine maidens
Who also want their freedom,
Sweet sweet freedom
Like Mandela.

The first to taste fruit from the glories of my Eden
Has ploughed me roughly
Enjoying the privilege of turning some fresh soil
And breaking the seal before anyone else could—
Rare luck!
Although I have cried and screamed too
He forcefully grinded on me still,
With no mercy until I gave in
And lay wide-legged across the troubled sheets
Feeling him inside,
Enjoying pain and none of the desired pleasure
Blood tattooing my trembling thighs.

The horror has transformed into reality now
Newsflash: my first night on duty is throwing ten cocks at me,
Cocks that think my freshman innocence is a free ticket to the Superbowl
And they all come drowning me in oceans of liquor
And clouds of smoke
My eyes
Have now become weary from having to shut and open like a door
To a township toilet,
And my wilted lips have met the same fate.

Whilst I lay in here alone
Nursing my fear,
Futilely trying to cover it up,
I can feel that indeed I’m now a half-eaten meal
And the eightieth panderer is coming to finish me off,
This is where my match ends
I might as well kiss round nine and ten goodbye
For the devil himself is smiling at me.

Silently and dangerous like,
A huge man slides in the room and sails to my spot
His eyes give me a quick scan,
Then the weed and alcohol starts to vapour falsely,
My chest heaves
And flesh creeps onto my bones.
The man is different in size from the other seven before him,
And I see it clearly
Even through these layers of blurriness piling in my sights now.
As all his weight rests on top of my intoxicated body,
I begin to wish for death
For this is worse than death itself,
Being held hostage in a foreign country I know nothing about
Getting molested in all the dirtiest ways,
Definitely prompts me to sign my death warrant
In search for peace and dignity.

Like an echo,
A long sad and loud cry escapes my dry throat
To explode in the atmosphere
And ruins the cruel silence
With sounds of a girl getting intruded!

The smell of painful, forced orgasm engulfs the room
And chocks me
But why won’t it just kill me?
Although I would have wanted to live life and be heard
To give other maidens the voice to speak
And stand up for themselves.