The silence is never too much
Am used to it
When they say come and join us
It starts to feel awkward

It may seem like I am as good as gold
Trust me I really want to know you better
But my insecurities are holding me back, the best
Am not in disguise ,it’s me
Not extrovert
But introvert

I am not sick, I just like some alone time
Socialising is not my thing
And you’re not the one to blame
I overthink
And overreact about it

All the pain and depression,I hide it
Happiness is what I show
In front of you I always smile
Am not in disguise, it’s me
Not extrovert
But introvert

I am as quiet as a mouse
Sometimes it makes me extra
I am extremely extraordinary
But not extravagant
Some people exaggerate
I still see me as ordinary girl