Wind felt the chilliness inside me
shawls and scarfs worn beyond limit.
Orange leaves being devoted
The shapes painted by the
great creator displays on the sky.

Clouds having to act and narrate stories,
with someone’s son appearance.
Pains fades leaving only marks on
beaten up hearts.
Enjoying is all we do.

In the sky I can see light;
Light the smile of precious sun
Down to the cold earth it shines.
Warming icey hearts of humans,
ones that are frail, fragile and ignoble.

At sight of good weather
there’s hope, grit and laughter.
How can blind objects see
what we humans cannot see?
Some cry and many laugh.

Confusions ,comments and complaints
All written on faces of people .
In Sun’s company I feel freedom
Peace invades and we get exposure
We hear tunes and melodies of nature

Hobbling beings take a nap on
green grass that’s flourishing .
In Sun’s company they feel happiness
We feel like humans
We feel courageous and determined.

In the Sun’s good weather there’s hope
as if there’s deference.
There’s wishful thinking and daydreaming
How can we not feel, hear, see
what’s in front of us?

No thing is like Sun’s good weather
That relaxes us
That brings us delight
That knows true feelings
That knows kindness that many don’t have .