There is no such thing as “IMPOSSIBLE”.

To the single mother who raised her child alone,

To the man who cannot see but can change tires,

To the depressed human nature,

To the orphan who made it in life.

Impossible does not exist!

Impossible is just a word!

But it seems to have power because we praise it.

I can create something on a blank sheet of paper because I give “IMPOSSIBLE” no power.

I am tired of seeing people cry,

Seeing them giving up on their dreams,

Seeing them being deceived by this word,

Seeing them destroyed by the word “IMPOSSIBLE”.

As long as I have a vision,

A vision to change my environment then “IMPOSSIBLE” is not a fact.

I can create something out of nothing

I give “IMPOSSIBLE” no recognition

When I take two steps forward,I feel like have already taken four because I have the faith and power to turn nothing into hope.

The power to change.

The power to make everything possible.

Impossible is nothing.

Impossible is not a fact.

I repeat Impossible is not a fact!!!