I’m such a fool to believe
You, to think someone
Could ever love and
Appreciate me.
I’m such a fool to even
Think that there’s happily ever after 
After all you have put me through? 
This is how you reward me? 
You are rewarding me with
A plate full of pain and ungratefulness, you are leaving
Me with a burden of
Darkness and hatred.
I was such a fool to even think
That we were soulmates.
You shattered my heart
Into millions of pieces
How can I be so stupid and blind
While my eyes were wide open?
How couldn’t I see that I was
Just a meantime to you?
How could I be such a fool/
Only regrets and hatred are clustered in my mind.
The heartache that makes me
cry day in and day out.
I’m such a fool.