I’m Here For You
When life knocks you down and strikes you like lightning
When you think no one wants to listen so you feel like screaming
When you feel like dying
because you’re tired of trying
And you see no point in living
and so you keep on crying

I’m here for you
When you have no intention of seeing tomorrow and all its sorrow
You keep fighting a legion of demons
Monsters that give you a reason
to end your life in asphyxiation
They prepare your grave and say it’s your only solution
They fill your thoughts with poison and leave your heart with incisions
Now, I might not be a preacher or a deacon
But trust me when I say when your spirit weakens
I’ll guide you through the darkness like a beacon

I’m here for you
Even if the unbearable pain starts to drive you insane
and you keep asking yourself “what’s wrong with my brain?”
Even when you try to numb the pain
by taking cocaine again and again
and all you get from that is a nosebleed and a damn bloodstain
I want to be the one to ease your pain

I’m here for you
When it feels like there’s hellfire burning you from inside
and the smoke fills your lungs and brings tears to your eyes
The devil sent his agents in disguise to feed you with anger, insults and lies
Hoping it will lead to your untimely demise

I’m here for you!
For too long you’ve had your joy stolen!
You try so hard, then you end up heartbroken!
You keep crying and asking, always kneeling down and praying
Always in a battle, constantly losing
Your faith is hanging by a thread
You’re tired of all the suffering, the tears that you’ve shed
Sometimes you feel like you can lodge a bullet straight to your head
You want to end the pain, so you wish you were dead

I’m hear for you
You don’t have to fight alone anymore
You don’t have to face these demons on your own
I’ll be ready to defend you, welding a Morningstar
I’ll fight for you and tend to your scars

I was once like you
I once thought what those voices said was true
Like you I had no clue, I had no idea what to do
But now, I’m out of the darkness and shadows
I want to walk this journey with you

I’m here for you