If only I hadn’t let fear get in the way of my happiness
If only I had listen to your wishes
If only I had followed my heart
If only I had taken action instead of talking and promise
You had never asked to much from me
I didn’t realize when you had already left
There was nothing I could do
I was to scared to stop you nor speak my heart out
I had shut you out of my life
You were right to say that I was pushing you away
Even when you came back I didn’t realize your value
I didn’t realize how much you meant to me
I didn’t realize how much you cared about me until it was to late
But even after everything I did, you still had my back throughout everything
I wish I can tell you how thankful I am to you
And how I wish things could go back to what they used to be like
I wish I could go back in time and fix everything
But that’s impossible, but I promise you that I’ll try my level best to fix things
I wouldn’t give up until I know it’s not worth it anymore