If only i had the voice to reach the ears of nature, I’d be loud enough to reach the worn out ozone layer

I’d apologize for eating away it’s parts slowly by our perilous chemicals

I’d tell it that we are trying to fill the gap, we are now using ozone friendly chemicals but not all of us care enough

I’d tell the trees that I’m sorry for cutting them down, our sisters needed a place to work and a place to study

We tried planting them back but not all of us cared enough to water them to life

I’d send my apologies to the rhinoceros and all the poached animals, it is beyond my control that they are living in fear in their own land

We tried to keep an eye on them but the bad guys are trying all the tricks in the book and it seems… they are winning

I’d cry out to the ocean pleading for forgiveness for we have thrown into it every garbage we see fit, it’s life have drowned and died because of our carelessness

we tried to put signs and raise awareness but not all of us cared enough to heed to the warnings

If only I had the voice, I’d tell mother nature I’m sorry for destroying every part of her beautiful body

I’d thank her now and again for the fruits and trees, water running deeper than our so called love

If only i had the voice, I’d tell mother nature ,I will do better.