The day I fell in love
With I, I embraced everything
That is called by my name,
From the tip of my hair,
To the sole of my foot;

My spirit grew bones of steel,
You can’t break it,
My inadequacies are now my strongest points,
I am an unwavering soul,
Your sharpened tongues do not cut anymore;

I am a perfect craft,
A splendid piece of art,
Moulded in the depths of the Amazon,
Where light had no reach,
But I am the light that reached;

I am proudly black,
By ethnicity and skin,
Perhaps I’m not too black for you
To be black,
But, your perception about I isn’t my concern;

To you I may be nothing,
But to I, I am everything and beyond,
I am my master and my disciple,
I sin my way,
So let me be.

To be around I is where
I always want to be,
In the midst of the warmth of my colour,
To embrace my mispronounced mysteries,
To love I as if there’s nothing else to love;

I want to be better,
I want to be better than better,
To be the best of I,
In comparison to the present I,
I am my own rival.