I gained knowledge of how people think
How we make up our minds by a blink.
How the pillow comforts our heads at night
Dreams that appear through your mind,
Hoping that somehow you’ll see the light.
Only if our lives were just as kind.

Thinking maybe if I made a change
Thoughts dejected amusement with in a range.
Imaginations flowing down the stream
Only to meticulously be draped as cream
In essence to direct our lives,
As we all migrate from different tribes.

Character can’t be developed in ease and silence
Because at every difficult there’s and opportunity
Knees scraped and scared for begging for guidance.
With the gallant apprehension of the community.
Dream wearing black coat over a white dress
to tableau nightmare so that it because less.

The best revenge is massive success but……..
Try not become a parson of success, but
Rather try to become a person of value.