I can still see myself laughing and playing.

Back when everything was picture perfect.

Oh, how I wish for a second chance.

Oh, how I wish things would go back to normal.

He told uyazifela ngam, which means his obsessed with me.

He said he loved me

Oh, I still have flashbacks, flashbacks of the day I looked into your eyes.

You trapped me with your eyes.

I know it; I’m not crazy; I know it.

You still love me, but it’s too late now.

You chose your friends over me.

You’re so stupid, can’t you see your friends can’t stand to see you happy.

They can’t stand to see you with me, but you let them break us up.

They want you to be with that Lisa girl because she will do your homework for you.

Because you and I aren’t in the same school anymore.

Hahaha! Shame. I kind of feel sorry for you.

I can still see you looking at me when I pass by, and when I look at you quickly look away.

If I could have a second chance

I would have never looked into your eyes in the first place.

But it already happened.

There’s no going back.

I remember I remember correctly.

I used to cry myself to sleep.

Oh, I still have flashbacks, flashbacks of our very first kiss, but it was also our last.

Lord, please give me a second chance.

Please heal my soul and heart.

I’m not that little girl anymore.

The girl who used to stare when you were not looking.

The girl who used to kiss you was backpack when you weren’t there.

The girl who used to listen and obey.

The girl who used to follow her friends wherever they went.

I’ve changed; I’m now the best female boxer in my class.

I now have the guts to speak my mind.

I’m now crazy enough to slap someone.

I’m now the main character of my life.

And I’ll never let anyone break me down like that.