I’ll will write a poem soon after I sing a song
Time of my own I’ll meditate all day long
I’ll have a conversation with me
I’ll write just right after I know I was wrong
I’ll write when am weak and when am strong
You can buy my idea when I write for free

I’ll write my story though I have no title
I’ll write my happiness, I’ll write my struggle
I’ll stay offline when I write my lines
I’ll write victory when I read every battle
I’ll write victory through an inspiration from the Bible
It is written about the signs of the times

I’ll write the third stanza the following day
My life is a song inside poetry
I’ll think about these words and I’ll think about the word
I’ll try high notes, metaphors and low key
Imagery, rhythms, personification loyalty
It’s not ironic the day has been made by poetry and med