I Used To Love You

I used to love you but,

The fairytale of being in love with you,

Becomes nothing but,

Air vanishing my heart slowly,

Like nobody in me,

You make no difference in mind.

I used to love you but,

All dies with the heartbreaking moments,

Of my miserable soul.

Perfect touch feels like letting go,

Well… no love is left inside,

Take one breathe and run away,

Like peace in my soul,

I need to rest.

No breast no rest like,

It felt around you…

I used to love you but,

No more.

The loneliness made me to forget,

The tendering of your touch,

With the lies,

I lost the principles of loving you,


I used to love you but,

All it faded like your beauty but,

Nothing compares with the love I had,

Like the water bridge,

I will meet you on the other side but,

Don’t get the wrong idea.