I triedΒ  to forget you but i could not.
I triedΒ  to not think about you but i could not.
I tried not to miss you but i couldn’t
I tried ,i tried and i tried
But i couldn’t.

Thinking about you became a habit
Missing you became my daily routine just like crying myself to sleep was
And forgetting you became a mission not yet accomplished.
But how could i do all this things ?
If i can barely let go and move on.
I can’t it’s hard to do these things on my own.

I need someone to help me .
I need someone to tell me to let go and move on because you are not worth it .
I need someone to tell me that it’s all going to be fine .
Life goes on right ?
And it’s short so i must focus on me and me alone.
I must try to forget you even though it’s hard to.

I mean how could it be easy ?
It’s not easy to forget someone you grew to admire ,love ,cherish,value and appreciate.
Yeah it’s easy for him but not for me
And that is why we are so different from each other.
I tired but i failed .
Now i am done trying and i doing .