Who asked to be here

It’s not nice to observe negative energy

How do you manage to stand

I can stand, but I’m not stable

I recognised that I was alive and I was old

They made me realise that I’m old

I saw, and I prayed

I knew that I was falling emotionally

I easily laugh but hardly forget

Seeing my mouth drinking my own tears

That made me to see that no one cares

No one offered me a tissue to wipe off

I closed my eyes when they were fighting

They made me close them

Cause it was hard to watch them

As I was watching, I was drinking my tears

I stood up even though my eyes were still closed

Now I’m walking

Something is falling from the sky

I can’t see

Because my eyes are closed

I can’t talk

Because if I open my mouth, I will let the tears flow

The tears that can fill litres of containers

Come closer to me and greet me

Then you’ll see the attitude that I have

Before you judge me

Don’t forget about my past

Just be glad that I stood up