You promised you love me and i believed you, because i was blind I failed to see what is coming ahead for me.
I always ask myself why you hurt me so much, because myself I was in love with you, until you showed me true colours of yourself.
Actually it was your intention to hurt me
I came to you crying like a baby,
When I call you through the phone you hang up.
I tried by all means to come next you,but you kept on chasing me away.
By that time it was the middle of the night I return back to where I was staying on my own, because you didn’t even bother yourself to walk me home.

What you did to me boy it will haunt you until you die.
my tears are very heavy as I’m saying I cry every time I think about what you did to me.
I cry the tears of sorrow and broken
It feels like my heart is broken into pieces, because you have cut it into pieces with your fake words and fake smile .