Have you ever fell inlove with a person who doesn’t love you?

Have you ever felt like you are the only one in a relationship whereby you get to have your heart broken?

Have you ever seen your partner post about them prefering to be single than be in a “fake relationship”?

Have you ever helped your partner with getting back together with his ex?

Well I did fall inlove with a person who promised to love me till infinity.

He always said “sorry” whenever he messed up and he told me that it was a mistake.Now tell me,how can you say it is a mistake while you repeat what you’ve done a thousand times.?

It really hurts seeing someone you love telling you that he loves you and he’ll never let you get hurt while he hurt’s you emotionally so.

It hurts being told that you are not the only one he loves.It hurts seeing him standing with someone else kissing them.

I hate that I love too hard.

I hate that I have to act as if I am ok whereas I am not.

I hate that I have to put on my fake smile in order to assure people that I am ok.

I hate that I love him to the extent point whereby I allow him to make me his puppet.

I hate that I allow him to repeatedly hurt me.

I hate that I once told him my deepest secrets.

I hate that I once did everything for “love”.