It’s okay, I know you probably didn’t see value in her

She felt lost, stranded from the love you claimed you were giving her

She stood strong as a soul with a strong heart and deep scars

She crew before you, but you didn’t see her tears,

Cause she covered them with a smile, cloaking your sight

When she turned to you, she felt unneeded, not loved nor cared for

She knows she ain’t perfect and you hated her for it

You failed to see the seed that was implanted into her

You never allowed her to grow, you allowed her to ride solo

This was betrayal, high class type of betrayal that left her broken

She feels faint, she lost the term trust in love

Believing in someone else from now forth will forever hold questions

New love, new challenges, new lies, new fake promises.

That’s what she has in mind, she is lost between do and don’t

Self-protection seems to be the only ideal issue she has to uphold

You broke her heart, and to make it worst, you shattered her spirit

She feels that, happy ever afters are rubbish and stupid ideas

She thinks love is about breaking yourself up,

Believing you care about someone else, who doesn’t think of you a bit

Love can be so cruel, especially to someone with the best heart to give

Lend me your brain to understand just why you did such lunacy

Her love is all a man could ever ask for, yet maybe not you

They say you might lose a Gold busy picking up rocks.

At some point, I just wish I could have been able to persuade her to slide off before her soul was crushed.

Things you failed to see. She is perfect in every way.

She is kind and sweet, most loving too. She knows what she wants.

Her heart is of pure love, as much as she tries to conceal that.

It is very much showing that she’s the best soul ever created.

Her beauty outshines that of Angels, I can gladly call her, Goddess!