You say I have pride
for not being like other girls
You say I am selfish for
not wanting to be your
You say I am boring
for being myself
You say I think I am
better for knowing my

Well guess what!?
I know my worth
I stand up for what is right
I don’t live to please you
You never made me
Nor can you destroy

I’d rather be hated for telling the truth
I’d rather be disowned
for refusing bribery
I’d rather be an outcast
than highly favoured for lies
I’d rather die alone than
be with multiple partners
I don’t love

I know you don’t like me
I know you despise me
I know you hate me
Well all those facts are for you to see through
For I couldn’t care less

This is me!
Heartless when I need to be
As sweet as honey when
I please
A sweet heart to those who love me
A quiet girl to those who don’t know me

I know my worth
I stand up for justice
If you can’t handle me now
Too bad for there’s much more of me to come