Who would have known about it. I did.
Who would have though about it. I did
Who knew that tomorrow morning. Sunshine’s. comes after the dark.
Somebody had to know that the storm doesn’t last that long. But strong people do. And it shouldn’t be felt as permanent. I knew.

I’ve seen it, felt it. Bledded by sorrows. The pain hard to bare. Endour. While it lasted through wide open scares. Somebody had witnessed. I did.

– I knew –

That pleasant moment’s wouldn’t be always far at reach. Drove through. Somebody has done it with a broken heart and tears on them eyes and about to quit but didn’t. So as they say. “It has been done before ”  That gave me strength to carry on.  Then I did. Knowing. These are possibilities. Encounted.

Now here I am standing all my grounds. While wind blows heavly. My nerve that wandered the place.
– I knew –

Something had to be done. While hell presents, Broke loss.  Greatness had to be revealed the moment We survived through it all tragedies.

I knew, I knew that the pace. Start, Begging shouldn’t have to be the same as how we started this journey. Race. Hikes. As it goes up. High. I just felt it we were running out of time. Breathe.

The end was a feeling. Touch away. We knew. I knew, That We did. Vanish through life Holes and never come back.
I knew I knew. This is the