I just want to be me for that is the utmost and unmeasurable gift i have. Every comfort ,
bliss and peace emanates from being me. Just like an ego forsaking its purpose without being me i am lost.
Every wish i yearn requires ma authenticity hence i really want to be me , furthermore the reason i am invigorated in despair , misery and agony is because of being me.

In this crooked world the only thing that is straight in ma sense is who are.
In this prevaricate world doing me is accurate hence ma purpose infallibly channels.
Just like a martyr resisting to renounce his convictions straying away from my genuineness makes me defiant, my soul is in salvation by virtue of being me therefore who i am is ma reliance.

Ma uniqueness and distinctiveness for novelty and transformation society indeed has a gift.
My ego might not be perfect but perfection it is what it is motivated to execute.
Despite limits and retraints the world imposes for true purity and pulcrichude the energies of being me could go to any length.

I am a thinker a perfectionist exceptionality and beauty is rooted in my soul,
A perseverant dreamer that doesn’t stop until things are flawless look at these words are so gold.
Levitating so high to the stars i really want to glow,
Hesitation and lack of moral in contemporaries hence i want to come out bold,
Finess and excellence in these syllables just let me flow.