Canvas-I have not, yet
a picture perfect painted
vividly cemented-ceiled
every stroke with essence
foundation of an image, pixels
many more that form the presence of ..
of life, of hope behind dreams

A paint brush-I have not, yet
tools I have to birth light
a phantom of hope a wide spectrum
50 shades of black-whitewalls of
structure strokes stretching wide
an image a desire, blazing fire
inferno within a dream

Paint-I have not, yet
Pigments I see glittering glancing
gradient-like gleaming
in my subconscious substance
a structure given left done not
Patches of color without form
A war of art and life-a dream.

An image-I have, have I?
A canvas with texture so real,
Real submerged in art, art
of the mind, mind of the soul
colorful, rainbow-like, in mind
…and yet I fancy reality
…and yet reality I fancy