I was in the middle of dreams.
Someone entered our room.
The room that I shared with my little sister a few years ago.
He took my white jacket and wore it.
And inside of that jacket there was 20 rands.
The only money that I wanted to use the following day to buy bread.
But he took it!
After that he pointed a gun on us!
He said, “Give me money and phone now. If you don’t I will kill you.”
I took my phone under the pillow give it to him.
After that he tried to beat me.
I cried louder.
Until our neighbour tried to help us by chasing him.
He runs too fast.
Until he disappeared. 
Nobody found him.
The following day I went to police station. 
Then after went to clinic.
The police tried by all means to find this suspect, but they failed to find him. 
Because nobody knows him.
Since the incident happened. 
I always live in fear.