I have been told to listen to my heart when it speaks to me, 
But the same heart leads me astray.
It’s always battling with my mind; the saddest part is that it always wins.
My mind knows what is best for me, but my heart likes to act bossy
It cares too much about people who do not care about it
It gives off energy that it does not get back
It overloves where it gets betrayed
It holds onto memories and people instead of letting go
It is naïve
It never learns from its mistakes
It has been stabbed numerous times but yet still loves
It has been betrayed but yet still trusts
It has been played but yet still forgives
It never holds a grudge
It has been made an idiot, but it always turns a blind eye
People have taken it for granted because it’s a loving and caring heart
It makes its own decisions, and when it gets broken, it wants me to console it