If pain was something to exchange,
I could have exchanged it into joy.
If time was to be reversed,
I could have turned it back and start from o’clock,
But unfortunately I can’t.

It’s not easy to accept a hard situation,
But I had to learn to live with it.
It is so heartbreaking to live life without joy you need.
A human being is something you can never replace,
It doesn’t matter how good they can be,
But they won’t close the gap of someone you lost.

Life is never normal, life has turned a pain.
A pain I can’t heal from,
A pain that i will die with.

Words of consolation are meaningless to my ears,
They are clueless to my mind,
Not even accepted in my heart,
Because it is already broken.

My heart has broken into smaller pieces,
Pieces that will take time to complete a complicated puzzel.
It is so hard to live with tears,
Flowing like blood river everyday,
I wish I can remove the pain but I can’t,
I wish to be happy and have inner peace,
But I have to live with pain because my joy is already gone.
And that’s why am always living with pain