Words can’t truly explain,
How, even after all this time, my feelings for you never changed;
And I’m so sick of playing this silly game;
Pretending I no longer care, when it’s not even the case;
You were the beat of my heart, the very air I breathe;
You were the reason for my smile, girl I miss you and me;
You and I still meet in my dreams;
And I wake wondering if you ever think bout me;
I wish I told you, in fact, I wish I showed you how much you mean;
Instead, I stood and watched you leave;
I never planned to be alone, it’s still hard to believe;
How blind I was and I couldn’t see;
You were a once in a lifetime and I missed it all;
Still trying to recover from our fall;
You found love again and he now he gets the benifits when I did all the work, it didn’t seem fair at all;
How I wish we still talked;
It hurts to know that I’m the reason why;
Our forevers ended too soon when you should have been my wife;
I’ve given up on finding love since you and I;
I’ve locked my heart away since you said goodbye;
I miss you queen of my heart, the reason for my smile;
I miss us and the memories we made once upon a time;
I have all I want but nothing I really need, I’d trade it all for one more night;
For the power to turn back time to the day before I asked you to be mine