I am the future,

I am the light

I am the new generation

I am the born star

I am the future South African idol

I carry new dreams

I am the next biggest thing

I am the new voice to the voiceless

I am the future leader

I am the future currency

I am fearless

I am strong

I can be polite, but it depends on what day it is

I am the future role model and inspiration

I can be what I want whenever I want to be

If only I knew what the future holds for me

If only I could predict my future

But I will be the future shining armour

The world shall call and how for my name in the future

The world will know YOLISA RHINE,

The future, the glamour, the star, the lover, hater and enemy, a

And that will be me,

Yolisa, the future,

My name will be on the world biggest billboards

I will be the talk of the town

Pastors will be preaching my name,

Gogo’s will drink tea with my name

Young girls will be dressing up in my name

Young men will be flirting with my name

Yolisa will change the world and make it the biggest thing

One day is one day, and when it comes, everyone will be excited

It can only happen if you have faith in yourself, not give up easily.

Do you have faith that you might be in the future?