I am myself
I am me no one else.
I’m sorry that I’m not good enough.
I’m sorry that, I’m not you.
I try my best.

I fight with the world.
I fight constantly,
But it’s never good enough for you.
I’m sorry that I am me.
I know it’s hard for you to accept me.

Trust me,
If I could change myself,i would have done that.
I want to be different.
I’m sorry I don’t do enough for you to see,
For you to accept that I am me.

These tears always fall,
As I try to run from reality,
But how do I run,
From myself.
I’m so sorry that I am me.

Day by day it’s a struggle for me.
I know it’s so hard to accept the real me.
I also struggle to accept the real me.
I know I’m different from there others,
But today i say I’m sorry,i can’t change the real me for anybody.