I was raised a son with pride
To Know what it takes to follow my tribe
I was raised in the cave
To respect my forefathers graves

Where I’m from history is cooked in the books of tales and poems
The she bows down when serving he ,
The shees are to crouch when preparing meals ,

I’m from the hut ,
My crib with i connect with abaphansi
Where isidliso is buried 64meters down
We buy no “insipho ” ubaba knows how to make one ,
No disease is of existence when Ugogo is there ,
We are the daughters and sons of the King and his Queen

I’ve been told the life changing tales
I’ve seen where my Grandpa used to write in the slate
For I am on my way to keep myself safe .

Proverbs ,patience and respect
Creativity ,connectity and positivity
Umama taught me all with Umrithithi
My culture is my quest
For it teaches me the best
I keen to remain the est