They told me to succeed all you need is passion

But where are the keys to ignition so I can go on a mission?

If my life is like a car then am I driving in the right direction?

Because lately it seems like I’m just a passenger and my fear is the one holding the steering

And my greed is changing the gearing

On the other side you have to survive the pressure of living a life admired by your family

And when you try to reach for the best, this enemies try to uncover your past

Well I guess they hate that your different and not like the rest

I’m looking for an answer to my questions, but instead I find myself being put to a test

When I’m battling with life all they do is pull a chair and watch like a match

How do you fly when the hardships keep pulling you back?

I’m running away from my demons and hope I elapse

Help me because I’m lost in the mounts

Should I graze in the field like all the cows?

Or keep digging deep in the ground for some diamonds

And hope one day the pressure will make me some thousands