How could she do this to me?

A whole me!

It still feels so unreal.

She just left me like that.

As fast as she entered my life she left.

Yeah the girl of my dreams left me for another guy.

Knowing that she’s my universe.

The queen of my heart.

Knowing that I worshipped the ground she walked on.

I gave her my heart, my soul.

I love her so much I could sacrifice my life for her

Yeah I could sell my soul to the devil to keep her safe.

As long as she was happy!

Maybe I’ve given her too much of me

Maybe my love, care, time and my respect wasn’t enough for her

Maybe she wanted more that’s why

That’s why she left me for the player with the mouth full of gold and silver teeth

The player with the expensive thick chains

The player who goes home to her with a car full of gifts

Cause he’s feeling guilty cause he knows that she’s not the only girl in his life

She left me for the player with the newest mode of the most expensive cars

I know that she doesn’t love guys for who they are but for what they have

I see how she she’s hurting inside pretending to be happy

Even though she has moved on with another guy

I still love her and I will always care about her

But I’m going to keep my distance

Every second weekend I see her new guy going on weekend road trips with different girls

While she is waiting for him at home believing that he went away on a “work trip”

Shame man girl I used to put you first in everything

My whole life reserved around you

I’ve never made her cry, she were never worried about a thing

I always treated her like a queen

Look at her know I feel sorry for her my heart bleeds for her

She doesn’t deserve this

Guess I love her too much… to hate her