Driven by His reckless love,
He has afforded it from above,
He wishes that one day I become like a dove,
Representing his holiness,
He has in so many ways shown me His mightiness,
I do not even know how to speak of His Grace,
Which took me from the deep muddy clay to the highest place,
It lit up the darkest places to find me,
Broke down strong walls seeking for me,
I am blessed because it follows me,
It does not promote sin,
But wishes that one day against it I may win,
It cares not for my worthlessness,
It found me when I was hopeless,
When I was the most careless,
Oh! but His Highness,
Descended only to show me His greatness,
Now I am hopeful,
Hoping to be spiritually rightful,
For I know He is infinitely merciful.