He was drunk
Drunk like always
It was all that mattered to him
He broke promises
Especially the promise to change,
To become a better person,
To stop drinking or atleast not drink as much as he always does
But he lied
He never did
He’d stop for a while
But immediately go back to it
He was used by people
But he never wanted to accept that fact

He didn’t just ruin his life
He ruined mine as well
He ruined my childhood
He took away my happiness
I watched him do the unthinkable
He never stopped doing it
I had hope in my heart that someday he would

I was at school when I was inform about his arrest
All day I had a bad feeling
As soon as I was told my eyes filled up with tears like a dry dam
I looked around like an owl making sure no one noticed my tears
I had no one to confide in
Even the one I usually confide in is busy with his own life
I try to find a way to remain strong
But I’m unable to utter a word
My friends notice my silence and pain
They showed some much concern
Which was something I wasn’t used to
For a minute I thought they wouldn’t notice
But then I remember that they’re unique
And I’m lucky to have found friends like them
But unfortunately I wasn’t able to confide in them
I tried to blend in,
To say something
To laugh along
But depression had drained me once again
I felt nothing but pain
I felt suffocated
All I could think of was I wish I didn’t exist

His arrest
It hit me hard
I had scary images in my mind of him leaving me forever
I think of the bond I once had with him
The moments I once spent with him
And remember that they are just all memories now
He has changed
Nothing will ever go back to normal
His another person
I don’t know who he is now
I try to fix my bond with him
But my efforts all go in vain
They are just worthless
It hurts
I can’t stop crying
I can’t accept the truth
Who is he?
-His arrest