The breeze of air
Passing whenever she…
Whenever she steps in that tile
Walking down the aisle.
Attention on her.
Thousands of eyeballs looking at her.

Some with lust
Some with love
Some with jealous
Some with pitty
Some who admires her
Proud of her.
Her presence is something you will never miss.

From miles away you can smell her scent.
Nothing is blur cause her beauty shines beneath this earth surface.
He has found a Jewellery he was looking for.
Mix of Gold and Diamond
You’d swear that he’s rich.
While smelling poverty ofcourse.
One can tell that she was.
Going to brighten his life.

Her presence meant something to him.
He felt blessed by the time
She walks toward him
Everything he wanted was nothing compare to what he’s getting
His eyes inviting both cheeks.
A tear drop
She said “i do”