WARNING This piece refers to suicide.

Hello, cruel world

I’m here lying beside

My bed,

Being alive is torture for me,

Bad emotional kill me,

My life is messy,

My heart and mind

Is slowly dying,

I am caught in this pointless routine,

I am stuck in my Head

Locked in my body,

I’m burnt out,

There’s never time to rest,

It hurts all the time,

I can see that I’m still breathing,

But I feel lifeless,

Helplessness blow away 

My soul,

Distress eats up my body,

Each day is a little more complicated,

Suicidal thoughts 

Gnaw at my mind,

There is no switch that

I can turn off from this 


Which goes round and round

Forever until I find

An easy way to close my eyes permanently,

I don’t know whether I’m weird

Or either some kind

Of mental disorder,

But it is what it is,

I am tired of living like this

I want to end everything.